Vedic astrology atmakaraka sun

It is also helpful for them to learn the power of harnessing sexual energy so that they channel it creatively. This would help them tune into and connect to the abundant flow of energy. Taking care of their relationships and understanding their own relationship to their desires will be a major theme for them and they should stay away from casual sex and cheating.

These natives should also learn to make decisions based on what truly fulfills their heart rather than what satisfies their temporary desires. While they are here to experience the finer things in life, they should also remember that the truest treasures are those found not on the surface but in the emotional depths of our soul.

Let us now tell you about the effects of Atmakaraka Sun

Mars is a warrior planet — he is the drive, the passion and the fire. Red-eyed as he is, he can either be the most passionate lover and protector of those he loves or he can become the hot-tempered angry energy that would eventually alienate everyone around him. Natives with Mars as their soul planet need to learn these lessons. Fire, just like all else in nature, has dual-energy. It can bring life or destruction depending on how we use. Do we want to cook or burn the house? Learning how to control and transmute fire energy is crucial for these natives. A good Mars is essential for our health and well-being but it can also bring physical problems if misused or suppressed.

Faith and trust are big lessons for these natives as they learn to tame that powerful energy. How much faith and trust do we have in life to surrender and not always push or try to control situations, peoples and outcomes? Mars loves to win and is very ambitious. But they need to learn to control their temper, aggression, and anger.

Jaimini Astrology: Atmakaraka thru Signs

There are no bad emotions — all of them are needed and purposeful. Anger is not a bad emotion. So as any other emotion, we need to understand what it is telling us on an inner level, rather than lashing out at someone. They also need to learn that controlling behaviors are a part of distrust in themselves and in life. They can sometimes become very assertive and need to learn to be gentler in their approach and speech — because others might see them as harsh and domineering.

They also need to learn to accept defeat, learn patience and to let go of control. Passion is a gift and when used wisely, this energy can be empowering, protective and motivating. Jupiter is all about expansion of knowledge particularly in the areas of philosophy, spirituality, teaching, religion and anything of higher purpose.

These natives love to teach and share their knowledge and they will often find themselves in these fields as a profession as well. They need to be careful not to become preachy and judgmental. They can become great teachers and mentors but only if they understand what a good teacher is. A good teacher is someone who allows their students the freedom to understand and realize their own lessons. A good teacher guides supports, and inspires.

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A good teacher is someone who is also a student — continuing to learn and expand their own dimensions of perception. As Jupiter is a planet of purpose and inspiration, these natives feel they need to find their purpose. Something to remember is that our purpose may not always be as large framed as we think — not everything in life has to fulfill some grand purpose and be analyzed philosophically. Their soul desires expansion, which includes personal development and awareness. And when their ideas get challenged, this is an opportunity to allow themselves to expand their own inner world.

They should be careful not to become know-it-alls but rather to learn to listen to others and speak with them, not at them — learning humility and their own limitations of knowledge.


Being supportive of others will bring them inner fulfillment. As Jupiter also rules the father, male figures and children in our lives, they need to learn to respect and develop good relationships with their father, professors, husbands spouse and take care of their children.

Our minds can only expand when we truly open up to others and learn about their unique perspectives. Saturn has been given a bad rap for awhile now. Known as the lord of karma, suffering, hardship and his cold emotionally detached nature, many people fear his position in their charts.

But I want to offer this perspective to those who have this planet as their atmakaraka. You have the opportunity to learn incredible discipline, improvement and refinement of your soul. Achieving anything in life is hard but Saturn teaches us the perseverance and strength to ultimately achieve our goals. By being connected to sadness and sorrow throughout their life, these natives develop a deep understanding of suffering and then have the tremendous opportunity to guide others through their own hardships.

From a young age, these natives usually face a lot of hardships. Life may give them situations in which they experience sorrow and grief as well as witnessing the sorrows and sufferings of others. There might be long periods of being alone and loneliness.

They would have to learn sacrifice, perseverance and how to deal with sadness, tapping into their inner strength. Witnessing sorrows and sadness actually helps them to heal themselves as it brings into awareness their own grief. This opens them up to have more compassion and kindness toward others.

These natives also need to learn not to be so critical of themselves and of others and not to be so hard on themselves and others. How we treat ourselves is how we treat others, so if they find themselves being harsh on others — they should become aware that they are actually harsh on themselves so that they break the cycle.

What is Your Soul Planet? {This is What it Can Tell You About Your Incarnation}

In Jaimini Astrology these karakas are identified from the descending order of minutes. The planet with highest minutes and seconds will become the Atmakaraka. The next planet with lesser minutes and seconds will be Amatyakarka and so on. Same thing has to be done when the five planets namely Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are in a retrograde movement.

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In the case, of two planets having the same highest minutes then consider the planet with the higher seconds as the Chara Atmakaraka and the planet with the lesser seconds as the Chara Amatyakaraka. The Rasi and Nakshatra in which the Atmakaraka is placed plays an important role in deciding and determining your true nature. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The soul's desire in Hindu astrology. Ranjan Publications.

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This is crucial in relationship astrology and in helping your clients to understand their partners. My planet is the fastest transiting planet, and is quite changeable. One of the ways we make it work is that I do the driving when we go anywhere. You see the problem, right? Except on mountain roads.