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They can bring big changes, so the harder you cling to the past and the less flexible you are in your view of the future, the more difficult those changes will be. Encountering change that is out of your control is a great opportunity to examine your control issues. One thing you could try is a ceremony to put the past behind you.

Remember that eclipses, as exhausting as they can be, are amazing portals of change and growth, and honoring your past with ceremony is a beautiful way to work the eclipse energy. The north and south nodes are always opposite each other, and they take about 19 years to move through all 12 signs of the zodiac.

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So think back to nineteen and eight years ago: What were you doing? What life decisions did you face, and how do you feel about the direction you chose? Those experiences offer perspective on how your life has developed since, and could inform where you want your life to go over the next decade or two. Missed connections are especially poignant during this time, but chance occurrences and brilliant new opportunities may also land in your lap.

The north node brings new opportunities, while the south node releases them.

The north and south nodes are also referred to as the head and tail of the dragon, which comes from Vedic astrology. At the nodal return, we find ourselves 19 years wiser, confronting new yet familiar opportunities and endings, and at the nodal opposition, we get to see things from a totally new perspective, perhaps bringing us closure Intuitive water sign Cancer is associated with mothering and birth, fertility, and creativity, while Capricorn is like the daddy of the zodiac, also very creative, but more concerned with building material resources than inner emotional resources.

Both are needed, and having these signs in balance spells healthy boundaries, a strong self of our emotional selves, tenacity, and the responsibility required to handle business. The new moon in Cancer on July 2 makes space for us to create a new home, literally or figuratively. Cancer can cling to the past, so remember that you are not your history.

Your past is an important part of your story, but you can become someone new, and now is that time. The full moon in Capricorn asks us to release responsibilities that no longer serve us. Ask yourself: Who do I want to be when I grow up? Stereotypically, Cancer is a wishy-washy crybaby and Capricorn is a cold, hard, unfeeling sign.

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Emotions can be hard to deal with, but if we repress them, they can manifest as physical ailments or health issues. Somatic-based therapies are wonderful for learning how to really feel your emotions. During the eclipse in Capricorn on July 16, Mercury will also be retrograde in Leo and Cancer, so watch out for delays and miscommunications and avoid big purchases or signing contracts.

FATE ALERT! NEW KARMIC LIFE DIRECTION! Solar Eclipse in Capricorn January 2019 Astrology Horoscope

Eclipses bring us a lot of information, and Mercury retrograde prompts us to slow down, be introspective, and avoid jumping to action or commitment. Do During a Full Moon. Courtesy of ameyasrealm. So, with the goal-oriented full moon behind you, how will you get to where you want to be? This full moon has an intense effect on your already ambitious Aries attitude. This practical, no-nonsense approach to problem-solving makes you more productive by taming the stubbornness that sometimes accompanies your actions.

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This Capricorn full moon has a calming effect on you. Getting the job done correctly is more important than getting it done quickly. You can benefit from its ambitious energy, however.

Instead of looking at things emotionally, consider them from a more logical perspective. An extra dose of ambition comes with this full moon, Leo.

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But you struggle to keep things peaceful against the drive of this full moon. With this goal-setting energy, your tactful ways are sometimes overlooked. Putting feelings aside can help you accomplish the task at hand without emotional complications.