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Weekly predictions Jaya tv first in yogakalai and then in vazhyum kalai. Asia net TV.

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An interview Wrote from on various astrology topics is in www. Software stocks doing well Sensex reaching Automotive industry will see profits Miserable monsoon Year filled with mishaps and accidents Jayalalitha will have to wait before she sees the real power Passing of a leading industrialist.

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Schumy's victory! Venus coming closer to earth-actress committing suicide Indians winning medal in the Olympics Winning of schumy in grand prix Mass deaths are foreseen, but on a lesser scale compared to earlier years. No major wars are foreseen, like that of Iraq in the There will be couple of terrorist attacks by Al Qaeda in Muslim countries. Stock exchanges will be moderately bullish.

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Economy of most European and American countries will limp back to normalcy. Outsourcing being a major business in the world, the Asian economies will be in a positive phase. Air crashes will be on a marginal rise. Mass death of children is foreseen. Religious issues will be in the forefront.

Sensex reaching points Relationship with Pakistan -The border tensions and terrorism will continue with Pakistan. The Jayalalitha government will lose power and the collation of DMK and it allies will sweep to power. Sensex touching BPO companies doing well India becoming a leading player in telecom in the years to come Film personalities getting international awards Ganguly as captain will step down before Sep Laloo will lose the election in the Bihar of Attack on London by terrorist Mars coming closer to earth- LTTE And Srilanka governments will fight.

Bombay Sensex will cross BSE touching 10, points. Bush visit to India. Future air travel in India. Future of Indian media-SUN network ruling in south. Boom in the real estates market Gold price reaching rs. Future of Iraq.

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Future of the world-globalization and outsourcing. Sensex touching 13, Sun TV shares doing well Saturn and mars conjugation and possibility of mass death and explosion- Bombay bombing Success of DMK alliance in the elections. Survival of UPA government. Success of Australian team in DLF cup and champion trophy. Very briefly but He came, and it was obvious it was from the firelab. I woke up saying Astroved is the best company in the whole world! Those firelabs are unbelievable. He is gem of a person and it was pleasure to interact with him to discuss my concerns related to career. He provided insights and also predicted about my job change which happened as per his accurate predictions.

He has immense knowledge in Astrology and discuss all the important things in detail. Also, he had suggested me few remedies to perform which really helped me to succeed in my career. Thank you very much SastryJi. Credit to AstroVed team which helped me to get in touch with brilliant minds!!

I had gone to great lengths to ensure that absolutely nobody knew what I was undertaking. It was essential to my well-being that it be kept secret.

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  • I was amidst of nowhere until I met Vijayalakshmi Madam, she was very accurate in predicting and helped me overcome the challenges I was facing. She was very candid and real in explaining the facts with a great dose of positivity. My family is grateful to her. Kudos to the her and the team. Vedic Astrology is an ancient science of Indian origin that studies planetary movements and their influences on human life.

    Having the best astrologer read your horoscope and give predictions upon your life is equally important to get a genuine and clear picture about your life events. Affiliate Mobile Apps. Toggle navigation. The item has been added to your cart.

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    Keep Shopping. Best Astrologers in Chennai We at AstroVed are equipped with an expert panel of best astrologers in Chennai who are skilled with years of experience. ISO — Certified Company. You can reach out to our expert astrologers in Chennai through: Instant Access Consultation Now You can speak with one of our astrologers, who is available online through chat, phone or Skype to get your doubts clarified and find the perfect solutions to your problems BOOK NOW.

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