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There were only hard to read paper maps; Astrocartography was not as available as it is now. We found a location we thought was good based on our Astrocartography.

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We moved to the area and began to get our life together there. Things seemed to be going well until one tragic Sunday afternoon. We were out for a walk with our four dogs. Two of our dogs got hit by a car, killing one and severely injuring the other. This trauma shook us up.

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This accident motivated me to do research on Locational Astrology. I knew there had to be more information. This led me to discovering the two other astrology mapping systems, Geodetic and Local Space. As it turned out, the area that we thought was good, based solely on the Astrocartography map, had a Geodetic Mars line running right through it.

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Mars lines can sometimes increase the likelihood of accidents. Fueled by this information and the frustration of working with hard to read paper maps, I decided to put this information on Google Maps to make it easier for us to see where to live.

Once I did I realized that my maps offered important knowledge that was available nowhere else. Explained why the USA is able to have such a large debt without dire consequences and how that might well come to an end abruptly given the Saudi's need for security.

Thanks for making me smarter. It's knowledge that very few can generate.

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I 'expect' some straight astrological readout, no holds barred Most anyone else might temper the tone of possible bad news when presenting it in public, but clearly you are not like those others. I appreciate that, even though still in the midst of pondering the actual disconcerting outcomes implied by your readings of the signs. You do your research and it is so appreciated! Thank you!

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There was no time wasted in repeating info. A magnificent document!

As always I appreciate your thoroughness, astrological and historical knowledge, and your candor. Awesome presentation and performance! Thanks for all you do. The accuracy is uncanny but allows me to set business around his findings. I do not know any other astrologer who would explain as many things as William regarding politics and economy. Clear orientation to blackbox. Powerful information, statistics, and charts. Well organized.


Info I get nowhere else. No hedging here on his outlook! Speaker: William Stickevers. Is there another way to register for the webinars? There is an option to pay with a credit card here or pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ether through the "Pay using CoinPayments" button above.

What is a Blackbox? The BlackBox Forecasting Module works with any of the six bell curve formats to calculate the results based on astrological factors. The BlackBox is so sophisticated it will optimize the weights for each chosen criteria, the aspect orbs, it will shift the orb and the planets position using different kinds of advanced mathematics to make sure that the optimized resultant graph conforms with the past historical price data or the personal biography.

It will then use all these findings and project future prediction graphs for the chart under study.