Ogham celtic astrology

Ash: February 18th-March 17th A tree of magnificent powers, a tree linked so much with Witchcraft and all kinds of enchantments. A very tall tree reaching to the skies - symbolises the connection with the Divine with very thick and deep roots reaching to the Mother earth - symbolising the connection with Nature. As Ash has access to both Earth and the Skies, was used to craft ritualistic spears and daggers which were viewed somehow as an instrument affecting destiny.

Alder: March 18th-April 14th The Alder tree is believed to change the environment near it as it grows. Its powers have been praised as a symbol of Health and Balance. This ability of Alder tree was also believed to come from the Fairy World, as these ethereal beings love hanging out near Alder trees.

Carry something from Alder wood in your key-chain to access this power. Willow: April 15th-May 12th This flexible and adaptable tree is associated with the Element of Water and secondarily Air. Willow is a Gate to the Realm of Water and its magical powers. Those born under the influence of Willow can more easily harness its powers for Love magic and Divination.

Hawthorn: May 13th-June 9th Hawthorn was associated with the festivals of Mayday, also called Beltane. Decorate your doorways with a Hawthorn garland. Keep Hawthorn outside of your house to attract good luck and benevolent entities. The Oak symbolises the Divine Power. The Royal origin of this tree makes it extremely valuable in Druidic ceremonies and rituals.

It is very interesting to note that Duir also means a Gate.

Oak was used by Druids as the Gate to Wisdom and Otherworlds. Keep an Oak to remind you your divine nature and that everything is possible when you really want it! Holly: July 8th-August 4th Holly was associated by Druids with protection by any kind of threats, physical or spiritual. Its red berries a symbol of Masculine power, the ever-burning Fire shining in the heart of Winter, symbolises that Life and Hope can endure everything.

Keep these berries in your home to magnify your protection against malevolent influences. Holly acts as a shield against the Dark Arts. Hazel: August 5th-September 1st This tree was considered a living source of Wisdom and its hazel nuts a powerful tool for creativity and inspiration. It was believed that Hazel trees grew near sacred sites and magical places. It was believed that a Hazel Tree was growing in the Well of Wisdom. Hazel tree along with Hawthorn was considered omens where Magical things could happen if you dare.

Keep a hazel nut in your wallet as a symbol of creativity and prosperity. Use the Vine as a tool for expanding our prosperity and consciousness. Ivy: September 30th-October 27th The ability of this tree to grow and endure difficulties was considered sacred by the Druids. Ivy symbolises our will to reach to the skies and achieve higher spirituality. Reed: October 28th-November 24th Although it not a tree, the Druids honoured Reed as it could grow really tall in swamps. Reed is a powerful tree which was used by Druids to cleanse and banish negativity. It has the ability to drive away negative vibes and keep the house protected.

As Alder tree was considered to help Druids connect with the Fairies, the Reed helps us connect with our ancestors. The Elder tree also bears Healing properties along with the ability to ward off evil. Discover, Play, Love! To the Celts the cat is a welcome ally, they got rid of mice in the fields and in the homes and were rewarded with friendship. They were also a source of mystery and wonder. The Celts thought the cat could be an oracle because of their unpredictability. Being born under the sign of the cat you are a quick thinker. You are an idea person, you are always thinking of solutions for yourself, your family and your community.

You have uncanny self-acceptance and can be the worlds best friend but you also need your solitude. You need to be free and independent and you definitely like things your way. You are unique and do not care what others think of you. In fact you like being different. You can tolerate boredom and need stimulation in your life.

You can be extremely expressive which makes you a great representative for issues. If you can use your voice for the voiceless you will.

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You are highly observant and love to people watch. You know what motivates people, what makes them tick. This gives you the gift of understand and compassion, but sometimes you get frustrated when people fall short of expectations. Since the Cat sign is ruled by the element of air that makes you cerebral, which means you are always in your head.

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You could live in your head for hours and always be happy. The ideas you come up with come right out of thin air, and you can communicate them with ease. The cat sign is also ruled by the planet Uranus which mean you lean towards unconventionality. You are very flexible and can accept that everything isnt always as it seems. This makes you open to unexpected changes, new discoveries and paradigm shifts.

Comparison With Modern Astrology

May 13 — June 9 Hawthorn signs in Celtic tree astrology are not at all what they appear to be. They live seemingly average lives while on the inside they carry fiery passions and inexhaustible creative flame. They are well adjusted and can adapt to most life situations well — making themselves content and comforting others at the same time. You are naturally curious, and have an interest in a broad range of topics. You are an excellent listener, and people seek you out as an outlet to release their burdens. You have a healthy sense of humor, and have a clear understanding of irony.

Mine would be Hawthorn if I did mine based on Celtic Astrology. Sounds accurate to me :. Keep reading. Source and More Info. January 21 — February 17 Celtic tree astrology recognizes Rowan signs as the philosophical minds within the zodiac. This inner passion provides inner motivation for you as you make your way through life.

Celtic astrology

You have a natural ability to transform situations and people around you by your mere presence. Rowan pairs well with Ivy and Hawthorn signs. The wood of the rowan is traditionally used for divination tools and objects such as runes and wands. It resonates a high, clear vibration that naturally transforms lower negative energies. This is why it is revered as a protective symbol. We see more evidence of this protective energy in the white flowers of the rowan.

From these flowers, crimson berries come forth. At the base of each berry is a tiny five-pointed star, an ancient symbol of protection, which lends further merit to the protective qualities of the rowan tree. The rowan is also incredibly diverse in its growth, often growing inside other trees, in craggy riverbeds, and in other seemingly impossible locations. Consider the fresh vibrancy the rowan has to offer combined with the clean bright berries that seem to sing out cheerfully throughout the forest.

Such visions and invocations will transform your own vibrations causing you to see more light and promise infuse your days.

What is Celtic Astrology?

Harry, Ron and Hermione all have wand cores based on their birthdays: the Celt assigned trees to people based on that kind of like we assign gemstones today. She did the same thing with Draco Malfoy Hawthorn wood. But Ron and Hermione both purposefully received wands based on their birthdays — ash for Ron and vine wood for Hermione. My tree is the Hawthorn. It blossoms in May, with glorious blooms nestled among deadly thorns.

As such, it represents balance and duality. Hawthorn trees have medicinal value, yet their smell is of death. It represents power as well as mystery, accepting that some things cannot be fully known—accepting the power of illusion and magic. The hawthorn represents diversity and duality.

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